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                              Direct Lender              

                              CORPORATE PROFILE

Over the past 28 years Capital Resources and its ancillary companies have assisted in funding millions of dollars in growth financing. Capital assists companies all over the world. We are approved by the United States Department of Commerce for International Finance and Trade. Many of the companies were troubled needing fresh capital, new ideas, new direction. Others were successful companies seeking to complete ambitious financing or acquisitions. Our President, Patrick Murphy is President Emeritus of the oldest AFL/CIO Labor Union in the United States and Canada. The AFL/CIO through their Pension funds, own thirty percent of the US Stock Market, and thirty two percent of the US Bond Market. This does not include overseas investments.

We are Direct Lenders . We have the ability to provide Senior Debt, and Equity, for Construction and permanent  financing for these types of  projects.                         

Growth Financing



ReCapitalization  Real  Estate Financing
Ports, Railroads Bridges,Roads
Refineries, Airports Hotels, Casinos
Continuing Care Centers Detention Centers 
Power, Energy Projects

 Recycling  Projects


We will finance any project that makes economic sense  


$ 15 MILLION U.S. , minimum

No Maximum.

All projects can be done Domestically or Internationally.

We have commercial funding available, using Bonds with Insurance Guarantees for qualified Clients. The minimum project amount is USD $ 15 Million.  No Maximum. We are not licensed securities dealers, we are Lenders in relation to this matter.

 We are also approved by the the Treasury Department of the Australian Government for financing.